Audit Document Submission Form

Welcome to the RESA Analysis Documents Submission service for the Virginia Bureau of Insurance.

The Virginia Code requires an escrow account analysis (audit) be performed every twelve months beginning a year after your initial registration. Each annual analysis is to be performed during the month in which you registered. The analysis may be performed by either an independent CPA or an appointed company. If completed by a CPA it is the agency?s responsibility to submit the analysis within 60 days of completion and if performed by a title insurance company it is their responsibility to submit it within 60 days.

Three types of entities may submit audits and other related documents via this service:

1. Title Insurance Companies

(The title insurance company that performed the analysis on behalf of an RESA Agent or Agency. )

2. Agencies

( An agency is responsible for submitting the Annual RESA Analysis if performed by a CPA. )

3. Agents

(An agent is responsible for submitting the Annual RESA Analysis if performed by a CPA.)

Select the appropriate entity type using the available Radio Buttons Below and enter the requested information.

Entity Type
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