Mississippi Insurance Department

Company Address Change Service Logon

Welcome to the Company Address change service for theMississippi Insurance Department. Changes made using this service will automatically update the official address record for your company maintained at theDepartment of Insurance. Only certain address types are modifiable using this service. Address changes that are not modifiable through this service must be communicated to the Department using the NAIC's Uniform Certificate of Authority Application (UCAA) form 14.

To logon, please enter the company's five-digit NAIC ID and eight-digit numerical PIN that the Department of Insurance assigned your company.

NAIC ID License Number

License Number

By logging into this service, you are confirming that you are an authorized individual representing your company for necessary changes to address and contact person information.

If you do not know your PIN, click Need PIN. You will be provided with information on the Company's PIN Contact who knows the PIN. If no PIN Contact has been established, instructions for establishing the Company's PIN Contact are provided.

Need additional information? Contact mailto:filings@mid.ms.gov